They say that in a faraway land, there's a place where time runs both ways.


WASD or arrow keys: Move around
X or C or Space or Enter: Context-sensitive action. Pick up and put down boxes, drop orange boxes, and un-drop pink boxes.
Z or U : Undo
R : Restart the level
M : Mute
Esc : Exit to level select


You can climb steps one square high by walking into them. Falling two squares is safe, even if you're carrying something, but falling three will hurt.

Orange boxes are normal, but pink ones are going backwards in time. If you drop a box off a ledge, then in reverse it looks like it's flying up into your hands. That's strange to us, but perfectly normal to the pink boxes! But it also means you can't drop pink boxes hard, only put them down gently: from their perspective, it wouldn't make sense for you to drop them.



【 操作 】
[ W ][ A ][ S ][ D ] or 方向キー : 移動
[ X ] or [ C ] or [ Space ] or [ Enter ] : 箱を持つ・落とす、決定
[ Z ] or [ U ] : アンドゥ
[ R ] : リスタート
[ M ] : ミュート
[ Esc ] : レベルセレクト、タイトルに戻る


Thank you to pancelor for the level select fork of Puzzlescript.

Thank you to Stingby12, TheZachMan, Karoo, Draknek, and Maltramac for the bug reports - and sorry for the bugs and exploits.

Japanese instructions from an anonymous user on フラシュ 無料ゲーム.

And thank you to knexator for the discussion of time travel puzzle games here, without which this game would not have happened!

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
Made withPuzzleScript
Tags2D, PuzzleScript, Time Travel
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

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Swell, fun puzzle. A Goldilocks puzzle, not too hard not too easy, just right. I shouldn't admit this, but I was relieved when . . . but that'd be a spoiler. Let's say I suspect there's more going on in the last two levels than meets the eye? Either way, thanks a bunch. Keep 'em coming.

(2 edits) (+1)

I have no idea  how to solve 23. Any hints appreciated.

Edit: Solved.  Wow! Great puzzle! Hint would be leave the middle pit empty.

This game is great, loved the level design! 23 was a tough level, it's nice that you can skip ahead and come back later.

I treated the red crates as crates that work different, I didn't vibe w/ the time reversal explanation on how they work.

Why does the pickup box sound effect plays when I drop a pink crate off a cliff ?

(1 edit)

Good catch - I thought I fixed that bug, but I only fixed it when you're facing right. I will upload a new version in a minute.

Edit: Done. You can reload the page if you like, you won't lose any progress.